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A. MAGAFA BROS | Textile Chalkida
In our weaving industry, which is based in Dokos in Chalkida, we produce with love and devotion cotton sheets for hotels and any business of exceptional quality and resistance to washing.
Sheets in the dimensions and colors you want with the ability to add your company logo embroidered, faithful to the design and in indelible colors, to give the identity of your business unchanged.
 Single Sheets
 Double Sheets
 Hydrant Sheets
Through a host of combinations of designs, colors, different types of stitching and the embroidery of your brand, we achieve harmonious coexistence with the design style and style of your space.
We always use the best Greek raw materials with the aim of offering you unique quality linen.

Possibility of sending our products all over Greece.

Dokos, Chalkida
Tel: 2221092592