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Textile Chalkida
Our textile industry, "A. MAGAFA" BABY, which is based in the area of ​​Dokos in Chalkida, was founded in 1967 and since then has been actively pursuing with the same love and love in the textile industry. It is one of the few Greek textile industries that produce their products in Greece using exclusively Greek raw materials, thus supporting the domestic economy.
In our modern privately-owned facilities (10 acres), using modern machines, we produce 100% cotton products such as towels, bed sheets and bathrobes for hotels, hairdressers, restaurants, gyms and all the needs of customers who need wholesale clothing.
We enable our products to display your embroidered or jacquard logo of your business with design and color fidelity to give your business identity unchanged.
We stand out for the high quality and strict specification of the products we produce, but also for the ability to cover any large order and repeat it at advantageous prices.
We ship our products all over Greece.
Our goal is always to be close to the professional by offering clothing products with evaluation criteria of excellent quality, durability in hard professional use and the strongest low price.
Our main concern is to respect the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace and to guarantee your business the right product at the fastest delivery times.

Dokos, Chalkida
Tel: 2221092592